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WIRIS CAS and WIRIS Desktop videos and samples

Learn about WIRIS CAS and WIRIS Desktop with our Flash videos. Start with some comprehensive examples of WIRIS CAS and WIRIS Desktop flavour and capacities.

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  Link   WIRIS style
Many paths can be taken, this is our choice.
  Link   WIRIS Philosophy
WIRIS offers unique features. Powerful calculations and simple and natural communication with the user. We are really close.
  Link   Graphics
Interactive graphical representation. Smart function representation.
  Link   Arithmetic expressions
Arithmetic capacities shown by a comprehensive example.
  Link   Linear Algebra, equation resolution, combinatorics...
Use the common notation for linear algebra, arithmetics or the solving of equation systems. Check out the combinatorics functions for sets and the measure units for physics.
  Link   Overview
General presentation on WIRIS features, current users and system technical aspects.
  Link   First Steps
Basic operations for the first time users.
  Link   Analysis
Derivatives, integrals and limits.
  Link   Arithmetics
Number theory and arithmetics.
  Link   Combinatorics
Combinatorics functions working with numbers and sets.
  Link   Linear Algebra
Applied use of WIRIS in a typical linear algebra exercise.
  Link   Interactivity 1
WIRIS provides graphical interactivity. This is a geometry example.
  Link   Interactivity 2
Example of WIRIS interactivity in Analysis. Finding roots of a polynomial.
  Link   Graphics 3D
Geometric bodies, functions and curves in the space.
  Link   Creating material 1
How to create digital material with WIRIS. Basic example.
  Link   Creating material 2
How to create digital material with WIRIS. Self-evaluation exercises.