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Catalunya - edu365

logo_edu365.jpg Catalunya is an autonomous region of Spain with 7 million citizens. The vehicle language for education in Catalunya is Catalan. is the Catalan Government public education portal offering services of calculations and contents for students and teachers.

This is a very active community of users: check the 1 MILLION CALCULATIONS... article. 

The portal has won several awards, being the most important ones, European Union 'e-good practice' distinction and Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Award in 2002.

WIRIS has offered calculation and mathematical content services from since it's early days back in 2001.  We should say that WIRIS is a reality thanks to the cooperation with the Catalan community of educators and ICT resposibles.

Antoni Gomà, a Catalan teacher, has played a key role in the spread of WIRIS through the education community. You can find many contents from the WIRIS Catalan community at his WIRIS web page Racó de la WIRIS .


Community data

Citizens 7 millions edu365
Students 1 million
Teachers 80.000

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