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WIRIS Desktop

Our newest tool, WIRIS Desktop, is here. WIRIS Desktop has all the functionality and interactivity of WIRIS CAS (WIRIS on-line), but it runs on your computer and it offers some extra advantages: 

  • Improved speed
  • Real time interactivity
  • User-friendly environment
  • Copy-and-paste with other applications

WIRIS Desktop is the tool for those making a very intensive use of WIRIS as well as for those who prefer going the classical way and having an application installed on the computer rather than connecting to a calculation server.

You can download a free trial version of WIRIS Desktop here.

Our online shop will soon be available, allowing you to access trial versions and to purchase licenses for all our products. In the meanwhile, you can contact us here for any information you may require.

WIRIS Desktop will eventually substitute WIRIS CAS Local version.

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